Our collaboration with the CSFL began on November 1, 2019 and will end on November 1, 2020. The special model whose 100% of the profits are donated to them is the Hedgehog « PROTECT THE FOREST BEINGS »

The CSFL located in Valleroy (54) is the only capacity in Lorraine that can deal with injured wild animals. Created in 2017, it includes 3 animal keepers helped by 10 on-site volunteers, and 10 of repatriating volunteers who transport animals when needed. Their mission is to welcome the injured wild animals which are brought to them most of the time by individuals, to care for them, keep them for the time of convalescence, then to release them (if possible on the place where they were found) . The belly and its volunteers take care to limit the impregnation. They do not speak in the presence of animals, handle them only when necessary, for care and feeding, avoid circulating in the convalescent rooms. Impregnation to humans seriously compromises the release of an animal and its lifespan in the wild.
The number of animals welcomed by the center continues to increase from year to year. We count around 1800 animals in 2018 against 2400 in 2019. The center is gaining more and more awareness thanks to social networks and it will soon be time for them to move to a larger location. This is where we come in. Alexandre Portmann, one of the animal keepers from the center came to us to tell us about this project. A 400m2 room including an operating room, an imagery room, outdoor aviaries for raptors … The aim is not only to increase the reception capacity and its conditions, but also to provide all care on site to avoid stressful journeys for animals. A veterinarian will come to perform the surgeries directly at the center when necessary. It is therefore with joy that we responded present for this project!